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Aug 25, 2016

On this episode Holly is joined by Sep. Sep has been investing for 6 years, while he has lived in Orange County his whole life he did not start investing in his backyard when he got his start. After being laid off he decided to take his life savings and invest it into stocks, which he also lost. He moved in with his parents while he got back on his feet and got another job.

With worries about “what ifs” Sep picked up Rich Dad, Poor Dad and realized that he wanted to start investing and increasing his cash flow. It took him 2 years to get any cash flow with his investments. While 2 years was a long wait Sep was focused on long term cash flow and did not give up on his dreams of real estate investing.

Sep said that when you are investing you often focus on the property but it is much more than that, it is about the team, the area, and the customer. You need to find your investor identity when you get into this business, he found out his identity early on with tenants that were less than desirable. He expected everything to be nice and easy with cash flow immediately but that is not always the case, you have to work hard for what want and know whom the customer is that you want to serve.

Holly reminds us that we need to outfit our investments to the correct spec level for the customer you are serving, you need to keep in mind that a C level customer might be scared away by an A level kitchen upgrade, it is important to know your customer when you are flipping so that you do not spend more money or time than is necessary for the investment.

Sep and Holly talk about their investor identity and how important it is to know what yours is. Your investor identity has to do with the team that you employ also. You need to find a management company that is best suited for all involved in the project.

Most successful and stressful deal for Sep is a deal he did in San Antonio, Texas a 520-apartment complex that was structured with virtually no money down. This deal the seller wanted to get out as quickly as possible so it was an easy buy and was able to pull all equity out of it and increase the cash flow.

Sep’s biggest lesson learned is that real estate investing is a business; once you treat it like a business it is more enjoyable, more fun and less stressful. If you have a system in place your team can send you exactly what you are looking for making your business more streamlined. Holly reminds us that we always need to be flexible and ready for change when the market demands it.

Sep does not manage his properties and always hires management for his properties because he does not have a real estate license and he needs a management company this is able to take care of whatever needs to be done since his properties are out of state. Holly on the other hand manages all of her properties, it is more manageable for her because of the amount of properties that she owns and the relationships that she has with her tenants. You must weigh out if it is more financially beneficial to manage your own properties or hire a team to do it; sometimes it is hard to give up that control but that can also be a point of success or failure for the property.

When looking for seller financed deals you must get to know the seller; what are their needs, wants and desires, and structuring the LOI based on that. You should be prepared to give multiple options to the seller because they will often turn you down. Sep uses Craigslist to look for his next deal.

When trying to find emerging real estate markets look for markets that have markets with 200,00 or greater and job growth at least 2% for the last 2 years and population growth of 2% over the last 2 years.

Education is the best investment you can give yourself when you are beginning in real estate investing, you want to educate yourself and surround yourself with those who are on the same journey as you.

If you are interested in getting in touch with Sep you can reach him via Facebook

or by email at


Aug 18, 2016

On this episode Doug Van Soest creator of podcast Spouses Flipping Houses joins Holly as they discuss how to be more successful in your real estate business. Doug and his wife, Andrea, got their start in real estate after reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” while they were engaged. This book helped to open their eyes to other possibilities in their life and real estate became a real possibility for them.

Both Holly and Doug got their start in real estate in August of 2008 and have not looked back since.  Doug began his career in a concession stand business, Kettle Corn to be exact. Doug got his start in real estate investing by listening to free real estate podcasts where he was advised to go to a REIA club. At his first REIA club he heard Bruce Norris speak. Norris advised those attending to get out that the sky was falling and Doug and his wife took the advice and started a two year process to get homes and started investing.

Doug started out flipping houses off the MLS, flipping about one house a month. In 2011 they decided to ramp up their business and started mailing directly to landlords to get more deal and started growing and introducing wholesaling into their business strategy.

Doug is based in Murrieta and does most of his business in the Inland Empire, San Bernardino and Riverside County areas. He has flipped and wholesaled a total of 300 properties in his real estate career. As of August 1, 2016 he has flipped and wholesaled 35 total properties.

Holly asks Doug what advice he would like to give to listeners, Doug advises that every deal is unique and that as a real estate investor you need to expect the unexpected. If you are going to take on a project that gets the city involved, or a home designated historical, you need to take into consideration the amount of time it will take to turn a property but don’t let time hold you back.

Doug also shares with Holly his most recent best deal. Best deals are when you get homes in a desirable area with good schools and working class people. Families want to live there and they will pay a premium to live in that area in a nice home. Because of the desirable location and low cost rehab on the home he was able to make 30k over their estimated sale cost.

In the beginning of their real estate career Doug and his wife were the only two on their team since then they have grown their team and have added more help as their business becomes more successful.

Doug reminds us that a single person can do the work to start out with but as you grow, you add people into your business and grow one person at a time if you begin to feel that you are too busy. You can look at your schedule and see what tasks you are doing that you can outsource to others so that you can lighten your load and direct that focus on tasks that require more of your attention. Holly also says that you need to learn to delegate to grow

Doug’s best advice for a brand new investor is that you need to take action, get some education but don’t get stuck in the idea that you need to learn more before you take your first step. Take smart action and just do it – look on craigslist and look for opportunities. Opportunities will come by way of your hard work.

Seasoned investors don’t always want to let go of the thing that they are doing but if you want to grow and be successful you need to let go and find people to do tasks for you that are taking up your time. You need to let go of certain aspects of the business and let other people help you so that you can grow your business. Time freed up in your life is a form of success in Doug’s eyes.

To continue to educate yourself and learn business building strategies you can listen to Doug and Andrea’s podcast, Spouses Flipping Houses, as well as checkout their website for more information. Doug can also be reached by email for any inquires that you may have.

Doug Van Soest

Spouses Flipping Houses

Aug 11, 2016

On this episode Holly is joined by Joe Fairless. Joe is the creator of the longest running daily real estate podcast, Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever. On his podcast Joe shares advice and success stories with successful individuals in the real estate business Joe became the youngest vice president of an advertising agency before switching over to the real estate world where he currently owns $54 million in real estate.

Joe graduated from Texas Tech University as an advertising major, after college he moved to New York where he worked for a prestigious advertising agency. After 6 years at the agency Joe became the youngest VP at the advertising agency but didn’t feel like he was growing and that what he was doing was contributing in a meaningful way.

While working in advertising Joe began teaching classes about real estate and investing, he was also buying single family homes in Dallas, Texas and generating income but knew that he could make more. While investing in real estate Joe decided that he wanted to quit an advertising job but knew that without a job he would have a hard time getting investors for his future deals.

While teaching his single-family home classes some of his students reached out to him about partnering when he decided to venture into bigger deals. With no job and no income this was appealing to Joe; multi-family homes became his next product that he would teach so that he could land investors and make his real estate dreams a reality.

Joe reflects on a book that he once read, “Things I wish I knew when I was 20” written by a Stanford professor that basically said that we can wait for people to appoint us to a level that we can achieve or we can appoint ourselves to the level that we want to achieve and rise to that level by resourcefulness.

Those that are interested in real estate need to remember to not focus on what we are unfamiliar with but instead in surrounding yourself with people who are doing what we want to do and something that no one else is doing.  Joe reminds us that we don’t have to follow the traditional path as others have, we can appoint ourselves to the position we want and figure out how to make it happen in the process.

Holly also reminds us that we cannot be afraid to put ourselves out there and be frozen in fear, that we need to take action in order to make things happen in your business. Investors wanted to work with Fairless before he even had anything for them to invest in because he had established a track record with investors and he was actively making deals happen. Joe’s advice comes from past as well as current experiences.

Joe outlines his key steps to raising money for anyone looking to partner with others on deals. You must first have their trust, second you must have experience and if you don’t have experience you need to surround yourself with people who do have the experience. Lastly you need to make sure that you have alignment of interest. 

Holly and Joe discuss the legal aspect of raising money, which types of documents you need so that you may outline exactly what you and the investor are getting into. They also discuss if you can legally publically advertise for investors on Facebook. Joe says that it depends on the structure of the deal and advises us to refer to his podcast on 506b vs. 506c.  

When Joe was looking for investors he used a strategic approach, which he shares with listeners. You must have a referral network and a strategic approach when you meet people; you are either building a brand of trustworthiness and character or you are not. If you are doing these things you will be surrounding yourself with people who want to see you succeed and that will work for you for a long time.

Joe offers listeners a spreadsheet that will help you create a network for yourself of your available investors. To get this spreadsheet you can email Joe and one of his team members will send you over the appropriate information.

 If you want to learn more about Joe and his methods, as well as listen to his podcast you can check out his website at and for the networking spreadsheet email him at

Aug 3, 2016

On this episode of House Flip Masters host, Holly McKhann, is joined by Eric Lofholm.

Eric is a master sales trainer who teaches proven sales systems to thousands of professionals around the world. Eric is the President and CEO of Eric Lofholm International as well as the author of 10 books that teach the art and science of selling.

Eric has been helping people for over 17 years with his training. Today Eric discusses points to help make you a better seller with steps from his best selling book The System. Eric reminds Holly that everything is selling; it is a style of communication that increases the likelihood that the other person says “yes.” Anyone can learn to be a better salesperson with the right training.

Lofholm was working as a cook for McDonalds when he attended a real estate investment seminar where he met the speaker, Dante Perano, and began to work for him as his personal assistant. When Eric was not working as a personal assistant he would work in sales. At the end of his first year in sales Eric was told that he was under producing and was at the bottom of the list of sales brought in.

When he was under producing in his sales he knew that he needed to make a change. Eric met with Dr. Donald Moine who taught him his system for sales. With Moine’s system Eric went from the lowest producer to the highest producer of sales in his department.

Eric reminds us that we should be embracing sales because it is a great place to make a lot of money especially in real estate investment.

As a salesperson you are more than just that, you are an educator, you are a helpful person who has a solution. Sales is about moving people to action, and with your guidance you can have an outcome that benefits both parties by showing someone how they can get what they want, by giving you what you want.

When discussing a distressed homeowner scenario, Eric stresses that trust and rapport are vitally important when trying to persuade or influence someone. As a real estate investor and salesperson your greatest persuasion asset if your ability to story tell. When you are telling a story it is important to be strategic in your preparation, having a plan will increase your confidence and the likelihood that the other party will say “yes.”

People skills are a huge necessity if you are going to interact directly with sellers. You need to be able to understand what is important to people, or what Eric refers to as the hinge point, knowing what causes the influence. You need to be able to know what is important as well as be able to isolate the objection, doing so eliminates all other objections.

It is very important to you that you are mindful of who you are being when you are with the seller. To influence someone you need to lower his or her resistance, which is where rapport comes into play.

When starting off in real estate it is helpful to team up with someone to help to sell yourself in your deals – it helps to build your reputations and credibility – it is more powerful to be able to lean on the power of a team.

If you would like more information on Eric and his proven system you can visit his website at

As a special offer to those listening to this podcast Eric is offering his bestselling book, The System, free as a digital download which can be found on his website.

In addition to a free digital copy of his book Eric will pair you up with a coach that has been personally mentored by Eric himself to help you get better at sales. They will have you complete a free assessment, which goes over your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities ($195 value).

To gain access to this extremely valuable coaching text Eric at (916) 626-1945 and mention that you were on the podcast and would like the free assessment.

Holly and Eric agree that confidence issues are common and you can overcome them if you take the actions that you need to overcome them. Once confidence is built you have it for the rest of your life and it spills over into other aspects of your life outside of sales.