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Jun 28, 2017

How does one go from getting lucky with a few real estate investment deals in 2006 to taking “a punch in the teeth” in ‘07 and ‘08 to flipping over 600 properties to date? What is the secret to this man’s success?  Our guest today is Matt Owens, CEO of OCG Properties, LLC.  According to this former CPA and UCSB graduate, the answer is education and experience, coupled with the importance of networking and relationships.  Matt explains his unique perspective in how losing money is what “compounded his growth exponentially forward.” He has observed that “if you haven’t taken a hit, you haven’t been in the game long enough.” What an inspiring thought to ponder on!  Matt is based in Southern California but invests primarily in Memphis, TN and Atlanta, GA specializing in equity and cash flowing real estate investments.  He also invests in value add multi-families, promissory notes, seller financing for his international clients, self storage units, mobile home parks and the list just goes on!  

 On this episode, you’ll learn…

  • The importance of networking and relationship building and why this business is ALL about these relationships
  • The benefits of investing out of state (especially if you reside in California!) and how this forces you to implement air-tight systems in your business
  • The pros and cons of setting up an entity and the tax and legal implications of your choice
  • The benefits of an SCORP vs an LLC in general and specifically having to do with salary dividend splits and your payroll taxes

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Matt has very generously given our listeners his list of questions to ask yourself before setting up an entity.  Just text 38470 with the word “hardhat” to get our super awesome free download of the week!

Jun 21, 2017

Florida real estate investor Tyler Sheff has been a realtor, a police officer, and a merchant mariner for the National Weather Service.  Like many of us, he was paying more and more of his hard earned money to the taxman every year.  He knew there had to be a better way...Tyler researched and researched, hired the smartest accountant he could find, and discovered the beauty of real estate tax exemptions and passive income losses.  Tyler has been a flipper, wholesaler, and buy & hold investor.  Today, his preferred strategy is buy & holds, which he does in his home state of Florida and Memphis, Tennessee.  Cash flow is his main objective and small multi families are his very favorite type of investment.  

On this episode you will learn…

  • If you invest the way the IRS wants us to invest, by holding onto property and providing housing to others, you can almost completely eliminate your tax bill  
  • Why multi family is Tyler’s preferred strategy for stable cash flow and mitigation of risk
  • How he significantly increases his monthly cash flow through short-term rentals

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Tyler Sheff’s “Phone Negotiation Script”

Jun 16, 2017

Clayton Morris started his career as a local news anchor, living all over the US making little income and creating more and more debt for his family.  It was the all too familiar story of being deeply unsatisfied that you’re paying off somebody else’s mortgage while you dig yourself deeper into debt.  In this episode, we will discover how Clayton got started in real estate investing and how he found his unique path. Clayton’s bread and butter are single family buy and holds.  He looks for them below market, in areas with steady average incomes, and solid population growth.  He stresses that these seemingly boring and methodical strategies are what leads to financial freedom, not emotional involvement or the “Shiny Object Syndrome.”  Find out exactly what lead Clayton to financial freedom in today’s inspiring episode!


On this episode, you’ll learn…

  • The power of passive income and the impact it can have on your life
  • Why you should go after ROI and NOT the emotional aspect of buying real estate
  • Why you should allow tenants to treat your property as their own
  • Shiny Object Syndrome and how to avoid this and stay laser focused
  • How to avoid Analysis Paralysis
  • Understanding what lifestyle is for you and why you start with this end in mind first
  • Why he loves the SFR with its built in diversification
  • What he does with the appliances in his rentals
  • What is your Freedom Number and how to find it

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Jun 9, 2017

Mitch Stephen Episode

We’ve all heard of the various benefits of real estate investing with buy & holds, wholesaling, and of course fix & flipping.  A lesser known strategy is that of seller financing.  This is the subject of today’s episode of the Hard Hat Holly podcast, when Holly sits down with real estate investor, author, and master of creative financing, Mitch Stephen.  

Mitch has been investing for 22 years in San Antonio, Texas.  He started out with the buy and hold strategy, with an excess of 25 houses, but soon discovered that this method was not for him.  He was tired of dealing with broken air conditioners and delinquent tenants.  Who wouldn’t be?  He then discovered owner financing where he collects an average of $8,000 per house for the down payment, then the subsequent monthly cash flow goes directly into his back account and not towards the repairs and maintenance of the property.  Today we’ll dive into more of this part of Mich’s story and why he much prefers being the bank to being the landlord.

Mitch will also educate us on the differences between one time cash (profits made from fix & flips or wholesaling) vs. temporary cash (money made from owner financing, as these notes have a definite end date) vs. forever cash (this is the rental profit from something you own).  Today, Mitch chooses to use his one time and temporary cash to fund his forever cash deals, which are primarily in storage units.  With storage units, he no longer has to deal with toilets, leaky sinks, stained carpet, or broken windows and who wouldn’t love that kind of low maintenance!  



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 Go to www, for the free download which will be the first 100 pages of Mich Stephen’s latest book, My Life & 1,000 Houses: Failing Forward to Financial Freedom.